Corten Screens

Freestanding, Layered, Gingko, Corten Screens, Design Ex 2009.
Below are images of our new layered corten steel gingko screens. The two sides of the screens have been rusted differently, the front is tonal and rusty while the reverse side is the colour of steel with relatively subtle rusty horizontal streaks. To an extent, the rusting process can be controlled and manipulated to produce interesting affects. This aesthetic can be retained if the screens are used internally, however, outdoors they will develop a darker rust patina unless sealed.

Framed Screens
The frames are made from 3mm corten steel. The screens are welded into a frame which is 400mm deep. Flat brackets on the top of the frames fasten adjoining panels leaving a 20mm space between them. Holes can be laser cut into the base of the frames so that they can be dynabolted to a foundation. In an interior context, four frames when fastened together using top brackets are secure without requiring dynabolts or safety wires. If a smaller series is installed or if the screens are used outdoors or on an uneven surface safety wires or dynabolts essential. Safety wire lugs are discretely positioned on the top of all our framed screens.

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