Console Solar Jar

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The Consol Solar Jar is a beautiful solar powered glass lantern suitable for internal and external use.
Based on the form of an old pickling jar, there is a circular solar panel located on the top of the metal lid, while four small LED lights are discretely located underneath. Located on the side of the lid is a metal wire clip with a small magnet attached that acts as an on/off switch. When the magnet is placed in contact with the solar panel turns the lights on.
The LED’s omit a soft white light which illuminates the jar making them a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to candles.
The Consol Solar Jars can be used in a variety of ways they look beautiful when placed on a table, or when suspended outside in the garden.

1 Hour of direct sunlight + 1 Hour of light.
Average 6-9 hours of run time per day.
2 Hours of run time from charge on a rainy, overcast day.

Bottle Dimensions (H x W) 17 x 11cm

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