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KIF & KATAST: Unexpected Relocation

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Open this weekend only (3rd – 4th February 2018)
Saturday: 11-4pm
Sunday: 11-3pm


It is in disbelief that I need to inform you that we will be relocating.

We commenced re-negotiating our lease last year. Our landlord made us an offer and we accepted this prior to Christmas. In preparation for our renovations / new showroom, I designed and prepared the drawings for the new doors to open up the façade. This was completed with the landlord’s knowledge & approval. Last Wednesday we received a letter giving us until June to vacate. I carelessly relinquished our legal rights when I negotiated directly with our landlord in good faith beyond December 01 in the belief that we shared a common vision for the building. This void our legal rights to our remaining two, 5 year terms.

Given we need to move & the rent hike begins at the end of our current term (28th February), there is no point putting off the inevitable. We have sought a new location quickly and will vacate by the 28th February. My concern is that we will look dodgy moving with limited notice but the new rent value is nasty and could only be justified when you are building a business, not delaying the inevitable.

We look forward to providing you with details of our new location shortly.

As we pack, we are reminded that we will definitely not miss the dust. She is a charming old building but with too much character in some departments!

Thank you for your support. We are still in shock but our new space will allow for more creativity & international travel so the outcome will be positive.

We will open the shop this weekend before packing.
Saturday: 11am – 4pm
Sunday: 11am – 3pm

Should you require something beyond this weekend, we should be able to located it for you. In our new configuration our stock lines will be reduced so don’t delay if you want something.

Thank you again.

Kif & Jen


As it was to look…alas


The pergola and shop front are dissembled and packed so we are well on our way!

We will update you with our new phone number and address in due course.

M 0427824268